手術房派對 Operating room party

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Operating room party

吳美琪 Wu MeiChi


2023.10.07 (六) 6PM - 10.08 (日) 6AM



Lake Tswei




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Special guest :DJ Forgets (Energy Flow)
能量流 – Dj Forgets 擴張了當他身體處於修復期間製作的混音,受到吳美琪水下影像和我們身體內部節奏、能量流動的啟發,將延續環境聲音,包括沉浸在聲音景中的長時段設置,以及逐漸浮出水面的節奏泡泡。在反思重複與變異的過程中,Dj Forgets 的現場演出也帶來與 Energy Flow(英國伯明翰)團體的預先混音合作。

Born/Reborn: Do you feel the renewal in your body every seven years? The human body has a self-healing function. Cells are constantly renewed, and different organs renew at different rates. “The epidermis of the skin is renewed every 28 days on average; red blood cells are renewed every four months; and white blood cells are renewed every 13-28 days,” the health website explains. Do you also count the renewal every day, hoping that the chaotic cells will not renew in such a fast rate?

Special guest :DJ Forgets (Energy Flow)
Expanding on a mix made during a period of recovery, and inspired by MeiChi‘s underwater prints, DJ Forgets will mix prolonged ambient sets off submerged soundscapes with some bubbles of groove rising to the top. A combination of durations live sets and premixed collaboration with Energy Flow (Birmingham, UK)

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吳美琪 Wu MeiChi臺灣 / Taiwan


Mechi Wu is a digital-era, innovative image artist. She excels in pioneering the use of various media, drawing from her personal life experiences and the blending of reality and virtuality. Her work primarily centers around colorful still-life photography and weaves techniques such as still-life, studio shooting, abstraction, image culture, and scientific experimentation. The result is a body of work that encompasses elements of color, light, iterative objects, and spatial division in images.