氤氳時代 ─員工澡堂常設展


氤氳時代 ─員工澡堂常設展

The Age of Steam - The Employee Bathhouse : A Permanent Exhibition



2023.10.07 (六) 10AM - 9PM



Preparatory Office of National Railway Museum




About this project

鐵道工場從事火車的修理、製造與整備,澡堂則提供職工下班後洗滌沾滿油漬髒污、紓解勞動壓力的空間,這座具有火車站意象裝飾藝術風格的建築,反映1930 年代的臺灣已經有先進的職工福利觀念,也展現廠區供熱系統能源利用最大化的技術力。
本展覽藉由澡堂在臺灣現代化過程的空間角色及文化資產意義,於入口西側展區以圖像及模型闡述1930 年代臺灣的經典現代建築風格,見證臺灣當時已由近代化邁入現代化的時代序曲,中央展區保存浴池空間的主體風貌,用現地展手法詮釋職工與澡堂的生活。東側展區則以日本時代出土的地面基礎遺構、古蹟構件,呈現廠區古蹟修復原則及再利用方式,展現承接國定古蹟臺北機廠未來轉型活化為國家鐵道博物館的場域再生使命。

The Workshop was for the repair, manufacture, and maintenance of trains; its bathhouse o ered its employees a place to wash o greasy stains and relieve themselves of the stress of labor. This building of train station elements and the Art Deco style re¬ected the advanced concept of employee welfare in 1930s Taiwan while showcasing the engineering prowess in maximizing the e iciency of its heating system.
From the perspective of the bathhouse as a spatial entity and cultural asset in the process of Taiwan’s modernization, using images and miniatures, the western section of the exhibition presents the classic modern architecture of Taiwan in the 1930s, which signaled Taiwan’s progress from the modern into the modern. The central area preserves the main part of the bathhouse. The on-site exhobition conveys the employees’ life in the bathhouse. The eastern section contemporary features structural foundations and historic structures from the Japanese era, presenting the restoration guidelines and reutilization approaches to rea irm the Workshop’s mission of transforming and revitalizing itself as the National Railway Museum.