最小的紀念碑_小冰人藝術行動 Minimum Monument

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Minimum Monument

Néle Azevedo


19:30-21:30 或視小冰人融化時間結束



Main Entrance Steps of National Dr.Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall


行動藝術 / 裝置、國際視野

白晝之夜現場邀請所有人一起將 3,000 座小冰人擺上國父紀念館大階梯,與藝術家共同完成作品

  • 小冰人擺放採現場排隊入場
  • 排隊時間:19:00 起
  • 排隊入口:國父紀念館東側階梯


About the Minimum Monument

「最小的紀念碑」是一個在公共空間進行的都市藝術行為,是對當代城市中紀念碑的批判性解讀。作品包含了數千座高 20 公分、有男有女的冰雕人像,在路人的協助下被帶到市中心各處放著、隨時間融化。




Minimum Monument is an urban art action in public spaces. The project is a critical reading of the monument in the contemporary cities. It consists of thousands of ice sculptures that are taken to central places in cities and with help from the passers-by, are left to melt. The sculptures are tiny men and women, 20 cm tall. 

In a few-minute action, the official canons of the monument are inverted: in the place of the hero, the anonym; in the place of the solidity of the stone, the ephemeral process of the ice; in the place of the monument scale, the minimum scale of the perishable bodies. 

The project started with solitary figures, later a multitude of small sculptures of ice were placed in public spaces of several cities. The memory is inscribed in the photographic image and shared by everyone. It is not reserved to great heroes nor to great monuments. It loses its static condition to gain fluidity in the urban displacement and in the change of state of the water. It concentrates on small sculptures of small men, the common men. 

Although originally intended as a critic of the role of monuments in cities, environmentalists around the world are adopting her work as climate change art. The intervention creates a powerful individual and collective memory for all who experience it, leading the public to a brief but intense connection with the vital time of each one. In addition, it strongly brings up the environmental issue, a problem of gigantic proportions that affects everyone today.

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2022 Jr Offical Portrait (c) Jr Photo 3

Néle Azevedo巴西 / Brazil

Néle Azevedo 是一位在巴西聖保羅生活和工作的獨立藝術家及研究學者,擁有聖保羅州立大學藝術學院的視覺藝術碩士學位。自1998年以來,Néle 一直從事視覺藝術工作,舉辦過眾多個展、聯展以及城市空間的介入展演。

Néle 在聖保羅展開的城市介入藝術計畫 Monumento Mínimo(Minimum Monumnent,最小的紀念碑),本於探討當代城市中的公共紀念碑,後期則加入了全球暖化議題的討論。自2005年以來,「最小的紀念碑」已在德國、法國、英國、義大利、挪威、丹麥等多個國家共26個不同城市進行。

Néle Azevedo is an independent artist and researcher living and working in São Paulo. She holds a master’s degree in visual arts from the Institute of Arts of UNESP. Since 1998, she has been working in the field of visual arts and has held solo and group exhibitions and interventions in the urban space. 

She started, in São Paulo, the urban intervention project Monumento Mínimo (Minimum Monument), having as an axis of discussion the public monuments in contemporary cities that was later added to the discussion on global warming. Since 2005, Monumento Mínimo has been carried out in 26 different cities in various countries such as Germany, France, England, Italy, Norway, Denmark, among others.