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Inside Out Project

A Global Art Project by JR


18:00-06:00 影像展出

19:30-05:30 影像拍攝及張貼(需事先報名)


Taipei City Hall


行動藝術 / 裝置、國際視野


Inside Out Project Taiwan_Born Free 生而自由

截至 9 月底,白晝之夜在臺北召集了千名參與者,到攝影車,拍下肖像,留下自己自由的故事。這 1000 多張肖像將張貼在以下地點,邀請你一起來觀看臺北的自由群像!

「 BORN FREE 生而自由 」

😎 臺北流行音樂中心 文化館 Cultural Cube
☻10/3 – 10/11至18:00休館

​😎 臺北表演藝術中心 Taipei Performing Arts Center
☻10/4 – 10/16


⇢⇢ 說明:展出時間長短將視各場館狀態及天候調整 ⇢⇢


About the Inside Out Project

Inside Out Project」是一個平臺、也是屬於人們的藝術行動,JR 將這個行動定義為 ” The people’s art project ” 透過攝影進行公民參與的實驗,Inside Out 的大型人物影像不僅僅傳遞的每個人的故事、更鼓勵世界各地的社區及團體為他們所相信的事物挺身而出,從地方引發全球的變革。在過去的十年間,總計有來自 152 個不同國家和地區、超過 500,000 人參與了「Inside Out Project」,通過他們的行動,全球各地的群體開始了合作和對話。

今年,臺灣正式加入 Inside out Project 全球計畫,迎接世界人權宣言75週年,我們以「Born Free_生而自由」做為號召,在臺灣——全亞洲最自由的國家、同時也是全世界最可能發生戰爭的地方,用藝術行動向世界宣示我們的民主與自由。

Inside Out Taiwan 的街頭攝影車首度開進臺灣臺北,邀請市民拍下肖像,並錄製聲音故事,對全世界發聲,讓全世界看見 2300 萬人用法律、文化和生活型態書寫下來的共同主張——你、我、他皆生來自由!

The Inside Out Project is a platform that helps communities around the world stand up for what they believe in and spark global change locally through works of public art. Anyone in the world can create an “Inside Out Action” by displaying large-scale black and white portraits of members of their community in public spaces. The project was launched by the French artist JR after he won the TED Prize in 2011. Over the past decade, more than 500,000 people spanning 152 countries and territories have participated in the Inside Out Project. Through their Actions, communities worldwide have sparked collaborations and conversations.

Being the most liberal land in Asia, Taiwan is also where war is most likely to happen in the world. Welcoming the 75th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we call actions under the theme “Born Free” to demonstrate our democracy and freedom to the world in the heart of Taiwan.

The Inside Out Project and its mobile photo booth is coming to Taipei, Taiwan for the very first time, inviting citizens to take portraits and record audio stories to voice out to the world. Through the“Inside Out Action”, we, the more than 23 millions of citizens in Taiwan, show to the world how freedom lives in our law, culture and everyday life.

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2022 Jr Offical Portrait (c) Jr Photo 1

JR法國 / France

JR 的作品遍及全世界各城市的街道與公共空間,吸引那些不常去博物館參觀的人的注意。從巴黎的郊區到巴西的貧民窟,再到伊斯坦堡的街道,JR 在路邊貼上那些不為人知、市井小民的巨大肖像,也成為他一貫的藝術風格。

在 2011 年獲得 TED 獎項之後,JR 展開了 Inside Out Project 這個全球參與性的藝術計畫,幫助社會上不同的群體在公共空間展示大型的黑白肖像,以此來發表想要傳遞的價值與理念。他以攝影作品回應美墨邊境衝突、移民問題、貧富差距、種族、戰爭等世界真實現況,在俄烏戰爭發生的當下,他亦從巴黎前往烏克蘭,以烏克蘭女孩大型攝影創作聲援當地民眾。在這些創作中 JR 始終保持匿名,保留了讓主題 / 主角和路人 / 閱聽者之間進行對話的空間,這也是 JR 作品希望傳達的:讓每一個人對所見提出疑問。

JR exhibits freely in the streets of the world, catching the attention of people who are not typical museum visitors. From the suburbs of Paris to the slums of Brazil to the streets of Istanbul, JR pastes huge portraits of little-known people.

In 2011, after receiving the TED Prize, JR created Inside Out, a global participatory art project that helps communities make a statement by displaying large-scale black and white portraits in public spaces. As he remains anonymous, JR leaves the space open for an encounter between the subject/protagonist and the passer-by/interpreter. That is what JR’s work is about, raising questions.