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Sophie Laly


2023.10.07 (六) 6PM - 10.08 (日) 6AM



Lake Tswei




About this project

FADING 有著房屋的外觀,但像一個木屋,因為沒有真正的門檻,屋外屋內之間沒有明顯的界限。門窗清晰可見,但沒有任何作用。這些結構似乎可以提供庇護,它又實又虛,向風開放。 最終仍舊是自然歡迎並包圍著我們。

FADING # has the appearance of a house, but is more akin to the idea of a cabin, in that there is no real threshold, no marked boundary between inside and outside. Doors and windows are visible, but not functional. These architectures, in which shelter seems possible, are both material and immaterial, open to the wind.

For it is ultimately nature that welcomes and surrounds us.

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Sophie Laly法國 / France

1998 年,蘇菲·拉利(Sophie Laly) 畢業於第戎國立高等藝術學院,她的作品結合了時間與空間的慨念,探問人類在自然景色中的位置,但也總是將我們引向塵世中的存在。


在當代法國舞蹈界,她也曾以攝影師的角色與當代法國編舞大師Christian RIzzo、舞蹈家Emmanuelle Huynh、法國編舞家Rachid Ouramdane、知名國際編舞家Richard Siegal、編舞家Latifa Laâbissi合作,近期也與演員 Sylvain Prunenec合作;她的作品曾在巴黎《龐畢度中心》蓬展出。自 2013 年以來,她創作了《FADING #》,這是一個現場投影裝置藝術,在自然景觀中按 1 比例投影的房屋外觀。

A graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Dijon in 1998, Sophie Laly engages in aplastic work on the notions of time and space-time through which she questions the place of man in the landscape, and always refers us to our earthly “being”.

She produces her own video art projects (installations, documentary films, short formats, etc.) and collaborates in choreographic creations.

In the world of contemporary French dance, she collaborates as a videographer with Christian RIzzo, Emmanuelle Huynh, Rachid Ouramdane, Richard Siegal, Latifa Laâbissi and more recently Sylvain Prunenec. Her work was shown in Center Pompidou in Paris. Since 2013, she has created FADING #, an in situ video installation that depicts the appearance of a house projected on scale 1 in a landscape.