重返榮耀:讓__再次偉大 Back to glory : Make __ Great again

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Back to glory : Make __ Great again

陳俊宇 Chun-yu, Chen


2023.10.07 (六) 6PM - 10.08 (日) 6AM



Taipei City Hall Eastern Corridor




About this project


“Back to Glory: Making __ Great Again” presents a compelling multi-channel video installation that delves into the complexities of an aging society and its implications on labor and human “usefulness.” Ohau, uses promotional materials commonly found on the streets to propose a hypothetical future that challenges viewers to contemplate the responses to an aging population. The notion of “utilizing the remaining workforce” and finding a more “efficient” manner for their contribution sparks discussions about the changing landscape of work and retirement.

Ohau’s imaginative approach to addressing the challenges of extending labor hours and the depletion of labor insurance pension is thought-provoking. By envisioning the militarization of the senior population as a potential solution, the artwork critiques the idea of “becoming great again” through dystopian ideals. The seemingly absurd yet logical contents of the video compel viewers to reflect on the social, ethical, and moral implications of such proposals.

The interactive aspect of the work, inviting viewers to vote on the concept while receiving information, encourages engagement and stimulates conversations about the potential paths our society might take in response to an aging demographic.

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2022 Jr Offical Portrait (c) Jr Photo 3

陳俊宇 Chun-yu, Chen臺灣 / Taiwan


Chen Chun-Yu was born in 1989 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and currently lives and works in Taichung.
Chen’s works are inspired by observations of the micro-world and correspond to an exaggerated (impossible) method of realization. To face problems with a sincere and practical approach is not the artist’s intent, and Chen prefers to humorously tackle moral principles and ethics that seep through irrelevant associations and to paralyze social imaginations that require restructuring.