(G)志樂制樂|Aspiration Music Productions

(G)志樂制樂|Aspiration Music Productions


In 2015, Point and Lim Giong formed Aspiration Music Productions, a studio that produces scores for film and documentary. They occasionally perform live music with laptop orchestra. Inspired by the teachings of San Jiao (three teaching including Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism), the name of the studio represents the aspiration on the path of music.   As Confucius said:” Let the will be set on the path.” And “It is from the music that one’s upbringing to be complete.”

林強(Lim Giong)、DJ 許志遠(Point)、VJ Pang-Chuan

林強(Lim Giong)




音樂工作者,從接觸DJ開始 ,做過錄音,也曾與樂團、劇場合作,並參與數位影像與音樂的演出,目前投入電影、紀錄片等相關配樂工作。
Pang-Chuan HUANG
1988年生於台灣高雄,畢業於台中科技大學,和巴黎索邦第三大學電影系。其創作理念探討影像與材質,紀實與虛構間的曖昧關係。目前於法國巴黎和位於里爾的Le Fresnoy - Studio des arts contemporains進行創作。

Lim Giong is a musician, singer, song writer, DJ, and composer. During 26 years of creation process, Lim Giong has worked with artists in different fields and has participated in international communication on music activities. He mainly works on scores for film and documentary to date.   Point  Point is a musician. Starting his career as a DJ, Point has done recording and has worked with bands and theatre groups in various performance of digital performing art. He is currently devoted to scoring for film and documentary.