About Nuit Blanche

起源於法國的白晝之夜(Nuit Blanche)為全球性的夜間城市藝術祭,2002年創始於法國巴黎,每年10月第一週六跨夜舉行,如今已經有超過30多個城市共同響應。

Originated in France, Nuit Blanche is a global nighttime urban art festival. It began in Paris in 2002 and now takes place on the first Saturday of October every year. It has since grown to include over 30 cities from around the world.

跨夜舉辦+公民參與+免費參加 三大精神

The core spirit: Overnight experiences, Active civic buzz, and Free entry!


Endorsed and accredited by the Paris City Government, this prominent cultural and artistic extravaganza in Taipei seamlessly combines contemporary art, diverse perspectives, urban shifts, and community concerns. It places a strong emphasis on immersive and interactive cultural encounters. Beyond a mere visual display, it triggers reflection, inquiry, and exploration. Taipei has proudly hosted eight editions of this event since 2016, each showcasing the cultural vitality and spirit of our capital city.


2023 Theme



Time to Rise Up! 

Contemporary Art and Civic Dialogue

“Time to Rise Up!” is a thematic concept that emphasizes public concerns, civic involvement, and cultural values. It’s a call to action, a wellspring of inspiration, and a guiding light. 

Here, “rising up” doesn’t refer to traditional resistance or rebellion, but rather a call for cultural, intellectual, and practical change. We’re encouraging everyone, no matter their age, gender, or background, to step up and voice their beliefs and values. At Nuit Blanche 2023 in Taipei, we embrace “Time to Rise Up!” as our rallying cry, bringing people together around pressing civic issues that matter to us today. 

Our goal is to share our voice with the world, addressing topics such as global warming, environmental sustainability, peace and conflict, human rights and freedom, animal conservation, gender equality, urban transformations, and the aspirations of the youth generation. 

Through contemporary art and a spectrum of expressions—be it serious, humorous, reverential, spirited, joyful, or inspiring—we aim to showcase Taiwan’s inclusivity, freedom, and openness during this art-filled night.

# 藝術行動代號3、6、9+

3大場館 6大主題 9大亮點作品  +串連展區

Time to Rise Up! # Art Action Code 3, 6, 9+

3 Zones, 6 Themes, 9 Highlights  +Off-Programme

home_about_title_1 國父紀念館、臺北市議會、臺北市政府
home_about_title_2 國際視野、藝術公園、自由街頭、佔領府會、一夜影展、議題響應
home_about_title_3 Inside Out Project
Minimum Monument 最小的紀念碑_小冰人藝術行動
自由・力量_24小時Live Painting
home_about_title_4 松山文創園區、台北101、國家鐵道博物館籌備處、國家電影及視聽文化中心、原創基地節、松市、ATT 4 FUN、and more…
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