(U)嘴裡有花的男人|L’uomo dal Fiore in Bocca

(U)嘴裡有花的男人|L’uomo dal Fiore in Bocca

此作品由 義大利經濟貿易文化推廣辦事處 與 瑪莎拉蒂臺灣 共同贊助支持

為了紀念來自西西里島的劇作家,諾貝爾文學獎得主LUIGI PIRANDELLO (1867-1936)一百五十歲冥誕,兩位身在東方國度的創作者將PIRANDELLO於1922年所創作的經典戲碼「嘴裡有花的男人」重新搬上舞台。全劇由兩個男人的對白組成,一個身患絕症,另一個生來不畏死亡;生死輪迴的隱喻在語言與音樂深沉而神秘的聯結中現形。男人用盡全力活出生命最後的每一刻,帶有輕微演奏障礙的鋼琴師則不經意地在一旁支持著他。Pier Paolo Pasolini與Jacques Prevert的詩句完美融入PIrandello的原著劇本中,音樂演奏的曲目則包含了李斯特、 蕭邦、巴哈及Alberto Firrincieli的原創音樂。全劇由Maurizio Mistretta自導自演,Alberto Firrincieli現場鋼琴演奏。

On the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936), this project wishes to be a tribute from two expatriates in the Far East to the Sicilian writer. The Man with the Flower in his Mouth (in Italian: L'Uomo dal Fiore in Bocca) is a 1922 play written by the Italian playwright Luigi Pirandello. A dialogue between a man aware of his incurable decease, and another one who lives without questioning death; a metaphor of the circle of life and death, personified through the deep and somehow mysterious connection between word and music. A man tries to savour all lasting moments of his life while the other character - replaced by a pianist with a minor trouble in the execution of his music –supports him, often inadvertently.

The original Pirandello play has been integrated with poems by Pier Paolo Pasolini and Jacques Prevert, while music repertoire includes classic authors such as Liszt, Chopin, Bach and original music by Alberto Firrincieli. The performance has been ideated and directed by Maurizio Mistretta, live music by Alberto Firrincieli.

Maurizio Mistrett, Alberto Firrincieli[/l

Maurizio Mistrett
Born in Florence on 16-02-1965, has been writing, directing and acting movies, documentaries, theatre and multimedia plays for the last 20 years. His unique and experimental approach has always been connected to a research of languages using multimedia elements.

Alberto Firrincieli
a Pianist and harpsichordist from Italy. He devotes himself to performance, composition, pedagogy and research. He recently founded a piano method based on Maieutics (Socratic method) and music Fenomenology. He is currently a full-time instructor in the Department of Music Performance at Assumption University of Thailand, and the Artistic Director of IKA – International Keyboard Academy.