(G)互動手繪投影|Doodling Projection

(G)互動手繪投影|Doodling Projection
地點:臺灣大學 總圖書館立面

「生命之樹」是一場光雕投影大型互動創作,在白晝之夜「人人都是藝術家」的理念下,邀請所有觀眾一同參與!舞台上將由藝術家 Dan Woodger 與現場獲選觀眾,一同挑戰 30 秒手機即時手繪emoji,透過 Samsung Galaxy Note8 手繪即時投影在生命之樹上,台下的大家也能透過臉書的粉絲專頁聊天機器人參與創作!白晝之夜 10/7(六)18:00-10/8(日)06:00 期間只要前往白晝之夜的 Facebook 粉絲專頁傳送私訊,就能開始跟白晝之夜現場萬人隨機對話。 



1. 進入粉絲專頁傳送私訊。

2.發送私訊便能一起點亮圖書館上的光雕投影!越多人參與,生命之樹就會越亮!(10/7 19:35-19:50光雕投影互動遊戲期間限定)

3. 發送文字訊息同時能獲得現場觀眾送你的隨機訊息。

4. 小密技:發送 emoji 將會獲得藝術家 Dan Woodger 的神秘問候!

白晝之夜 Facebook 粉絲專頁:https://www.facebook.com/NuitBlancheTPE/

“Tree of Life” is a large scale interactive mapping projection installation. All the audience is invited to participate as everyone is artist during the Nuit Blanche! The selected audience will be taking the challenge of 30-seconds emoji drawing with the illustrator Dan Woodger on/  the stage. The graphic drawn with Samsung Galaxy Note8 will be projected onto the Tree of Life, all the audience would also be possible to participate in the creation though facebook fan page interaction! Between 10/7 18:00 to 10/8 6:00, by sending a private message to the official fan page of Nuit Blanche Taipei on facebook, you will be able to communicate with thousands of people randomly at the Nuit Blanche.


1. Sending a private message to the official Facebook fan page of Nuit Blanche Taipei.
2. Your message will light up the projection on the Library of NTU! The more people participate, the lighter the tree of life would become. (only during 10/7 19:35-19:50)
3. While sending text messages, you would also receive random messages from the audience at Nuit Blancche.
4. Secret Trick: Sending an emoji will get a mysterious greetings from the illustrator Dan Woodger.

煙花宇宙×集界科技×Dan Woodger