(K)Have A Nice Night

(K)Have A Nice Night
此活動由 冠德玉山教育基金會 贊助支持

由富錦樹 Have A nice 所舉辦之選物市集,以白晝之夜為概念,「私奔」、「流浪」、「誘惑」、「失眠、「自由」、「狂歡」、「鬼魅」、「消逝」為主題之選物。

Fujin Tree

The online magazine  “have a nice” focus on offering information about city, culture, fashion in taiwan and japan.

Fujin Tree will offer coffee, candle and handicrafts in the market.

The selection:

1.The Flower

2.Wandering Beer

3.The Allure Chocolate

4.The Insomnia Coffee

5.The Freedom Notebook

6.The Carnival Popcorn and cakes

7.The Ghost Cuttlefish noodles

8.The Vanish Postcard

富錦樹 Fujin Tree