(7)Fading in Bloom

(7)Fading in Bloom


生於21世紀這個繁華的城市,忙碌總是充斥了我們的生活。拋開日常的挑戰去體驗生命,那怕是感受當下一刻也是奢侈。我們透過縮時攝影捕捉花開的過程,把美麗,生命和時間統統留住了。 9,500幀的每一幅圖像都代表著生命的一刻,在於特定的年齡和條件下美麗依然存在。


What does people experience immediately before death? A reporter remarked that some people encountered near death experiences having the occurrences ranged from relived memories to vivid experiences of light, sound and emotion. If the brain would put on a show like this, what moments remain to us as a flashback of our life?

Living in the 21st century and busy city, we can never escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily life. It is luxurious for us to put aside the day-to-day challenges and experience the purity of life, the existence as a human being. Through capturing the life duration of flowers and reliving in time-lapse videos and an interactive viewing experience, it eliminates everything but the beauty of life, and the existence of time and living. Every single image of the 9,500 frames represents a moment of life, the beauty of existence at specific age and condition.

It is hoped that the audience would experience the flow of time by purely looking at the flowers from budding, blooming and fading, as wel¬l as to interact with the visuals and look for the stage of existence that connects to them, the moment and condition that they perceive as the true beauty in life.